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Change your perspective and continue in a new dynamic


Sometimes your relationship loses its value.  On the surface it seems good enough, but its deeper intentions have faded.  Heartfelt thoughts and desires fade into the background and are covered by feigned happiness and routine.  Partners settle for a stable relationship instead of an inspiring one.  The danger lies in resignation.  This increases incomprehension and allows loneliness to enter into the relationship.  Intimacy vanishes steadily – a situation which can occur in any relationship.

Daily routines often deny time for reflection and self-awareness.  The few moments of togetherness become confrontations of needs.  Without clear guidance the balance often is unable to be restored.

‘Time For Each Other’ develops effective relationship and individual therapy programs for these challenges, offering a new perspective.

“Explore your relationship and share a deeper connection”


Invest in a new perspective

Everyone can change

Invest in Love

Unique approach

The Time For Each Other (TFEO) programs offer a professional, fast-track approach to change the dynamic and get a new perspective.  The programs are developed specifically to gain clarity within a short period of time.  Traditional approaches and methods are purposely left behind.  Topics and focus of a TFEO program are determined by each relationship’s unique needs.  Relationship with yourself or with your partner. This intensive approach lends itself to faster results, helping to effectively transform relationships.

For who?

These programs are especially intended for people who understand the importance of growth. In relationships, and in themselves.  These intensive programs are suitable for relationships –  in any configuration such as mothers and daughters, siblings, stephfather and child, self – who want results in a time-effective manner.


By reaching your true core, we create the opportunity for a different perspective. And a different approach. To get to this, everyone will have to chose to let their true self be seen; to be honest.  This is an intensive process and requires a substantial amount of courage.  This vulnerable moment is safely and adequately navigated by a skilled professional.  Pain and beauty will reveal itself, bringing authenticity to the surface.  This results in a more genuine connection with yourself, followed by a more pure relationship with one another.  Consequently, a new perspective emerges.

There is room for hurt and concern along with hopes and dreams.


Searching for a different perspective with a skilled professional

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