Method and approach


Each relationship, situation and each individual is unique, therefore, the approach we choose is customised and differs for each program.  We developed the programs in a highly intensified format, to create a new perspective, in a short time.  We found that with the traditional format, it allows people and couples, to avoid or withdraw more quickly, in between sessions.  Accelerated and intensified approaches require highly skilled professionals for lasting results.

With us, expertise is combined with creativity and experience. We use the best of traditional wisdom and modern psychological approaches, next to relevant experience. The most effective and validated treatments are available

Each program consists of the following three components, each tailored to the context and needs of the participants.

1. Exploration

All participants start with a clinical assessment.  Before the start of the program, the current – context-specific – situation is discussed in detail.  You will first meet the therapist individually, and then – if you are a couple –  together again on the Program Day.  Based on the intake interview and the questionnaires, an initial analysis is developed.

2. Goal

After that, we will start looking for the intention and a shared meaning for what is at hand.  What does the desire to change mean?  Where do we want to go together?  That brings us to the dilemmas surrounding that change.  A fascinating journey; it is not often that people define the same problem, or have the same view of desires and needs. Therefore, it is essential that we find shared goals.

3. Clinical approach

Consciously we leave the classical therapies and methods behind; our expertise consists of being trained in just about every treatment and we can develop exactly what matches you.  We determine the route and direction together.  We can focus on exploring how you connect, what connects you, communication, processing possible traumas etc. 

There is room for pain and concern but also for hope and growth opportunity.  

We will make the link between the past and the current situation, to move into a new perspective with future opportunities. 

Treatment context

We are going to work systematically.  This means that in addition to you, we look at the context; both internal and external circumstances play a role in the dynamics. Individual and mutual circumstances matter.  We look at family patterns and secrets, to both relational stresses and other forces that may affect.  Thus, we can learn the difference between linear causality, which causes problems and circularity, in which problems can be understood in the context in which they occur.


The following perspectives on families and other social systems could be addressed, with the context still at the heart.  So with attention for families, social networks, gender, culture, religion and social economic conditions.

  • The intergenerational perspective (of grandparents, parents on children) that looks at repeating patterns throughout the generations
  • The structural perspective in which hierarchies, boundaries and subsystems are addressed in families
  • The communicative perspective in which communication processes and interaction patterns are central
  • The social-constructionist perspective in which the impact of social social environment, culture and gender on human issues is addressed
  • The narrative and dialogical perspective that investigates how dominant stories can limit people and how voices that are silenced can re-appear.

What can you expect of TFEO?

The time for each other programs differ by meeting your unique challenges and by bringing a new perspective, in a short time.  You will get an expert therapist to yourself for an extended period of time and a treatment plan that is tailored to you. 

Apart from the laser focus on you and your relationship, you will also take home concrete tools to further build from the foundations of the Program Days.  Practical skills and tools you can use yourself, also without further guidance.

We apply what works, the best of evidence based and experiential approached, used with laser focus, compassionate care and professional excellence.

It is not about learning new communication skills when there is no felt connection.  Also, it is not about learning how to improve sex techniques when there is no felt intimacy.  We work with emotions, cognitions and behaviour.  One is interconnected with the other.

TFEO is discreet and has over 10 years of relevant experience and professional education in terms of interpersonal relationships and psychology.

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The dilemma of change

Why consider a different course?  Sometimes staying put or together is what makes you strong, sometimes it is letting go. – Love on its own – usually, is not enough.

With the TFEO programs, we start with the search for the true intentions of each side.  These can be buried under layers of emotions that overshadow this essential element.  Some layers are yours, some belong to the other, some have grown into your relationship.  We will explore whether we can find a basis for connecting, or if it is better to let go.  

Once this choice has become transparent, the plan will become to focus.  With focused attention on emotions, cognitions and behaviour; all from your intent and core value.When we arrive at your authentic self, we then have a genuine relationship foundation.  This creates peace and a base for the future, together or not.  Then we have arrived at a new authentic value.

The implementation of the work-plan for the future often happens after this weekend, during a follow-up process.   You will get insights and practical tools, that will enable you to take steps towards positive relational change.


The TFEO program was inspired by existentialism.  

Existentialism sees each person as a unique being, responsible for their own actions and their own destiny.

However, the TFEO program is based on more than this inspiration. It is a process model for innovation and transformation of man and relationships.

The process involves a deepening of the awareness of the participants, utilising their own wisdom. During the TFEO programs, you are guided to reveal your authentic self, also to the other, at a deeper level, to enter the connection from a place of vulnerability and an open heart.

Relationships often affect the origin of deep emotions in yourself, ranging from pure joy to deep pain at soul level.  In relationships you can become aware of a pain in yourself, which is essentially much older than the relationship itself. Relationships magnify what goes on in oneself, they offer us the opportunity to help us heal emotional wounds rooted in our past.

The TFEO process helps with making a connection from a future perspective, rather than from the often inaccessibility of the past.


You also have the option of choosing the setting that best suits you. 

Time for each other programs has beautiful locations to choose from in several regions. The dates and venues chosen depend on the situation, availability of therapists and the client’s preference. All of them offer comfort, peaceful surroundings and a unique setting. Each venue is private to each client or couple. For more information, contact

Jeanine Souren 

Gibran: ‘Let there be spaces in your togetherness’
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