Relationship Day

For who?
When you look at each other and no longer really see one another. When you have little flexibility in your schedule and want to make progress at a quicker pace.

Due to the accelerated intensity, this program can be compared with 4-5 months of traditional couples therapy.

An expert couples therapist to yourselves for 1 full day

What can you expect?

  • Time for each other with complete focus on your relationship
  • Clarity about what is really going on between you and your partner
  • Awareness of individual responsibilities in relationship
  • Move beyond blame and shame
  • Feel, discover and face challenges, from your personal strength
  • Opportunity to share hurt and pain as well as hopes and dreams
  • Make concrete steps towards genuinely connecting
  • Looking at each other and really seeing one another
  • Concrete tools to enhance your unique relationship

What is included?

  • 2 x 90-minutes an individual intake interview
  • A relationship analysis
  • Relationship Day program from 10 am until 4.30 pm
  • An option for follow-up sessions
  • Location details and program dates are arranged to accommodate availability to both the participants as well as the therapist.

Fee structure

Exclusive 1-day Relationship Intensive:  € 860 pp

Excluding 21% VAT